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Documentaries and Bible Studies of Noah's Flood and the Rainbow

Noah's Flood, the Great flood God sent to destroy all of the earth and its inhabitants has

proven to be a thorn in the side of evolutionists and mainstream science. There are many great documentaries that go into the sensible, provable and biblically supported explanation of why our earth appears as it does and that it is, in fact, only several thousands of years old and not millions of years ago. Likewise, it is necessary to understand the Rainbow Covenant God made with humanity, following the flood. Take a look!

Noah's Flood & North America

Learn the truth about Noah's flood and its impact on this planet.

The Best movie explaining Noah's Flood Ever made !

Brought to you by Young Earth Creation. 

Science Confirms Noah's Flood. Top Questions Answered

Another great video by Young Earth Creation. This one is long!

The Amazing Evidence for Noah's Flood

Brought to you by Young Earth Creation. 

The Meaning of Each Color of the Rainbow

Rabbi Schneider shares why color is an indication of relationship to God.

Genesis 8-9 | The Rainbow | Bible Study

This Bible study devotional, by Spoken Gospel, covers Genesis chapters 8-9.

The Rainbow Covenant (Genesis 9 Bible Study) – Mike Mazzalongo |

Mike Mazzalongo/ provides an excellent study of the rainbow covenant. We encourage you to listen to the preceding sermons leading up to this one, as Pastor Mike goes verse by verse through the Bible.

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