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Our Mission

Torc is on a mission to reintroduce the rainbow to the world. It is a clothing and product brand designed to help you engage in conversations with others about the meaning of the rainbow.

Shift. Spark. IGNITE.

The hope of all hopes: That everyone would come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The Original Rainbow Co. wants to help shift perspectives of the rainbow. We want to spark conversations with people who don't know the story of the rainbow and don't know who the Savior of the world is. And, ultimately, ignite a fire to discover the love that only having a personal relationship with Jesus brings.

You can help!

This is serious business for us. We pray every day for every person who makes a purchase, that the Holy Spirit would move in mighty ways, big and small, and perhaps, allow a shift to begin in our present culture. You can become a part of shifting how the world views rainbows by using our products or praying for God to begin shifting the world view of the rainbow or both.

Come along with us as we seek to reintroduce the rainbow to the world.

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